Mahua's Birthday

April 10th, 2009

Birthday Celebration at Office

Mahua BirthdayBirthday celebrations are always associated with a lot of fun fare and merrymaking. The team at Reliable Technologies recently celebrated a small birthday party. It was the birthday of one of our colleagues Mahua Roy.Our office folks celebrated her Birthday in a very enthusiastic manner. Taking an hour break from the busy schedules and work in the office all the members gathered together at one place in the evening. The Birthday girl was presented with 3 beautiful chocolate cake from Sugar and Spice. The cake was decorated with candles. We all rejoiced and sang while Mahua cut her cakes. The candles were blown and we all sang the special birthday song for her. There was joy and a spirit of oneness in the air as we smeared creams and icing all over her face. This was the traditional way of celebrating a colleagues birthday at our office. Then came the time for some refreshment and delights and all of us took active part in it.

Birth CelebrationI look forward to such happy moments that come along amidst the busy work and responsibilities at office. There are certain special moments when you get to mingle freely with all in the office and Birthdays are those days. The boss and employees all become one in the spirit of joy. There is smile and happiness on every body’s face. Birthdays celebration make us feel that we work in the office as one big family, the Reliable Group.

In Mahua Di’s words “ I enjoyed my Birthday celebration with a lot of enthusiasm at office. Thanks everyone for such a wonderful treat. I am glad to be a part of this team.”

The complete premises was sounding great and I am sure the Birthday girl enjoyed this special way of wishing.

Picnic Photo Gallery 2009

April 4th, 2009



February 25th, 2009

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Reliable group believes in the phrase by heart. The management accepts as true that it would be monotonous to work throughout the year without any kind of refreshment. As a result, enjoyment and refreshment are considered as two of the most important factors related to the work culture in Reliable Group. On 22nd of February, all the employees of Reliable Group went out for an outing. It was a memorable and a well-planned picnic. At the end of the day, the satisfactory smile of the employees declared that the event was a real success. It has filled them with the very necessary positive energy for the time ahead. Let’s have a flash back of the entire event from the very beginning.

Beginning of the Day

Beginning the JourneyAs decided earlier, we assembled near our office at B.B Ganguly Street. Our bus was waiting there. We started for the pre-decided spot at 8.45 AM. Some of our colleagues joined us on the way and once the bus was full, it was a blast. Soumen Ghosh, Deepak Singh, Kunal Kundu and Tuhin Shubhro Mondal were in the leading role of this blast and were well supported by Suchinto Chatterjee, Susmita Banerjee and many others. All of us were enjoying each and every moment of the 2 hour long journey to Maharaja Palace in Basantpur, our picnic spot. Reliable TeamKalyani is situated at quite a distance from the madding city of Kolkata. It is also far from the pollution and noise of the city life. The green landscape and blue sky is an identity of this place. In such natural settings, Maharaja Palace stands as a symbol of leisure. There are numerous trees, herbs, shrubs, lively flowers and a lot more. The beautiful concrete structure against the green backdrop is a perfect example of a collaboration of natural beauty and human developed structures. Mr. R. R. Mitra, an ex-Indian Army personal is the proud owner of this beautiful farm house. He was there to welcome us warmly. We all know that first impression matters a lot and our first impression of the place was beyond explanation. We all were simply amazed by the green setting, the water body with its muddy water, the swings, hammocks, see-saw etc.


Back to young dayOnce we were in, all of us ran towards different direction. The lone see-saw was the center of attraction for the first one hour. All of us went back to our young days when there were no bounds on expressing our joys. We all were fighting for our turn on that see-saw. Really, we hardly knew that we were so eager to get back to our childhood days. Directors of Reliable GroupAfter a while, we were joined by Mr. Hemendra Desai, Mrs. Asha H. Desai, Mr. Amit Desai, Mrs. Tina Desai, Mr. Sumit Desai, Mrs. Neha Desai and the cute and naughty Krish. They joined us immediately. We discovered our bosses in a different manner that hardly matched with the well known figures in the office and in the business sector of Kolkata. We found our everyday known figures on falling from hammocks, playing cricket and fighting for their turns of bowling and batting and in many other unusual roles.

The Breakfast

BreakfastThe breakfast was served hot. The catering members reached there on 21st night and before we reached Maharaja Palace, the place was filled with the sweet smell of Poha. It was served with yummy Jalebi and Papri. The refreshment was just enough to recharge us for the next part of the picnic. Thanks to the catering staffs for this.

Lets Play

One of the interesting part of this picnic were the games that we played there. Let’s thank Mr. Sumit Desai, Mr. Rajiv Kamdar (Raju Bhai) and Mr. Prabir Sil for innovating so many games that were enjoyed by everyone. The proceedings started with a cricket match between the teams of Kunal Kundu and Probir Sil that ended up in a no results situation. Cricket MatchThe cricket match was followed by a relay race. The race was conducted by Mr. Sumit Desai with professional efficiency. Mrs. Neha Desai was on the judge’s seat. There were four teams of eight people each. The teams were further divided in two groups of four each. The groups were then asked to stay at respective ends of the ground. The game was a mini version of the well known relay race but there were some interesting improvisations. Among these the most interesting ones were hopping race round and backward run round. The backward run round was played by the female participants like Mrs. Tina Desai, Susmita Banerjee, Mrs. Piu Kundu and Shafquat Nasim. The other rounds included – jumping on one leg, squat walking and running. The result was in favour of Mr. Amit Desai’s team. The members of the team were Amit Desai, Tina Desai, Indrajeet Lahiri, Debashish Roy, Biswajeet Dutta, Deepak Singh, Ashes Kr. Pramanick and Shafquat Nasim. Musical Chair GameAfter that, all of us gathered together in front of a well maintained garden for the next event that is well known to everyone because fight for chair is very common. Yes, I am talking about the Musical Chair. Almost all of us were there in the Musical-Chair game. We were moving in a semi circle around the chairs and all of us were aiming the chairs to grab sit once the music goes off. After several rounds, majority of the participants were knocked-out. The final fight was between Mrs. Tina Desai, Mrs. Piu Kundu (wife of Mr. Kunal Kundu), Susmita Banerjee and a few others. Finally, Mrs. Piu Kundu managed to sit on the winner’s seat. Card Corner was the next game. Kunal Kundu won in the By Choice section and Tushar Mahapatra won in the By Luck section of the game.

We were really Hungry!!!

LunchOur lunch was served at around 2pm. The catering staffs have put their honest efforts to serve some of the most delicious preparations. All of us were very hungry and were almost falling over the lunch table. Mr. Amit and Sumit Desai along with Rajiv Kamdar were in charge of the Lunch table and were serving the delicious food. The menu consisted of baby nan, peas kachori, parathas, dal makhani, chole, matar panir, kachuri, Cutlets, jeera rice, tarka dal, papad, green and red chatni, gulab jamun, doodhi halwa, ras malai and chaas. The lunch was one of the unique experiences, we gathered in this trip.

Get Back to Games

The post lunch period was also full of entertainment. There were a number of innovative games and most of us took part in this or that and even in more than one game. Cards Corner GameHousie, the game of numbers, was very interesting. Numbers, concentration and luck, these three factors play the determining role in this game. There were two rounds and all of us took part proactively. Sumit Sir was conducting the game and all of us were playing with full concentration except Amit Desai. He was also playing but at times he was taking care of his sweet little son Krish. What a Dad!!! Different Prizes were won by Tina Desai, Kiran Shah, Debabrata Harh, Shafquat Nasim, Piu Kundu, Deepak Singh, Dipak Paul, Susmita Banerjee, Shafquat Nasim, Kunal Kundu, Prabir Sil, Piu Kundu, Soumen Ghosh, Raunaq Anwar and Biswajeet Dutta. Thereafter, we played different games which were all under 1 minute. It started with Drinking a Cold Drink in one gulp. There were five players in this game and each of them was provided with a 500ml bottle of Thums Up. According to the rules, the drink should be finished in a single chance and no breathing was allowed in between. Tuhin Shubhro Mondal played with full efficiency and won the prize. Suchinto Chatterjee and Kunal Kundu gave him a tough fight but at the end they have only gained some weight. Hand Pump GameThe next game was Filling the bucket with hand pump. The participants were asked to pump as much water as they can through a hand-pump and the time limit was 30 seconds. Indrajeet Lahiri, the iron man, started well and pumped out two buckets of water. Dipankar and Debashish also tried their skills. Finally, Manoj Das appeared on the screen and won the title. Oh! What a performance it was. The thinnest of the lot came out on top. Debasish came a very close second. Chain Pins GameAnother interesting game was Chain of Pins where the participants were asked to make a chain from several safety-pins. Shafquat Nasim played really well and won the game. Prabir Sil also used all his experience but was missing that lady instinct. Another participant Rajiv Kamdar (our dear Raju Bhai) played really well but was unable to make the chain and stood first from the bottom of the list. Pick the Balls was yet another interesting game where the participants were asked to pick-up the balls from a basket full of water. Each of the participants was provided with a teaspoon to pick up the balls from the basket. Rajiv Shaw picked up the balls perfectly and won the title. Color the ThreadLast of these games was Colour the Thread. Only ladies were allowed in this game. According to the rules, the participants were provided with a thread and asked to colour it within a limited period of time. Mrs Neha Desai coloured the longest length of thread and won the game with efficiency.

Evening Snacks

The lunch had hardly settled down in our stomachs and it was time for evening snacks. The caterers had prepared Pakoras, Sandwich with Tea and Coffee. We all had our fill.

Prize Ceremony

Everyone who had won in the games during the day time were given prizes. The maximum prize were won by Shafquat Nasim and Mr. and Mrs. Kundu. On an whole, most of the participants got a prize. Those who did not win anything were asked to submit their names next day so that a consolation prize can be given to them.

Return Journey

Memorable MomentEverything that starts, comes to an end. Our picnic also ended on an optimistic note that we will return back in this state of pure joy next year. We got back to our bus and all of us were occupied with the memories of the past few hours that we have spent in a state of bliss. The bus was moving at a good speed. The roadside trees under the black cover of night were waving their hands to say good bye to all of us. Inside the bus, people were talking about the memorable picnic. Biswajeet Dutta remarked that it was a unique and cultural picnic with beautiful environment. Rajiv Shaw also added his comment that according to his experience of office picnics, it was the best. Mr. and Mrs. Kunal were more than happy because with six prizes, they were the Couple of the Day. On the other hand there was Shafquat Nasim with the same number of prizes and her tired but satisfactory smile was revealing the success of the picnic. Soumen Ghosh was more than happy and remarked that It was an excellent outing. According to Raunaq Anwar It was a memorable picnic. In her own words she told that “I am very happy because I won the 1st prize in the game we played called Housie. The picnic was also refreshing one because after a long week of work pressure for Valentines Day, we got sometime to relax and enjoy.” The bus was almost quite and all of us were busy in recalling the beautiful memories of the entire day. We were again returning back to the routine life with some beautiful memories.