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Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Amit Sir!

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Birthday celebrations have always been a fun-filled affair in Reliable Group and when its the birthday of our very own Amit Sir, then, it was ought to be  even more special!  And without a cloud of doubt, it was a fabulous celebration. Everyone of us assembled in the lunch room.  Sumit Sir and Hemendra Sir also joined us there.  All started with delicious treat of Cakes.  No sooner did Sir  blew off the candles, the entire floor applauded and hummed the “Happy Birthday” song, together.   The first slice was  ‘from the birthday boy to his father’.  Amit Sir took the pleasure of treating Hemendra Sir with the first slice of the cake. Then, the next slice was for Sumit Sir. It was a delightful sight, a small moment that upheld some priceless emotions . Such a small yet heartfelt gesture,  personified  the essence of being ‘one happy family’. Happy Birthday

As cakes were distributed, everyone savored its taste. The  delectable taste of the Strawberry Cake was cherished by all. It was the time for Photo session.   Amit Sir and Sumit Sir took the center seat, along with Rajiv Kamdar, our Admin Head. It started with ASP.NET department and everyone filled in the space around the front-men. Next in was PHP.NET, followed by Content team, Web Designing, Graphic Designing team. Back Office, Vendor Management team and Accounts Department shared the space together. It was one great session!

Pondered for an empty space whereby everyone can fit in the camera lens! And no wonder, as always,  Sumit Sir came up with the innovative idea. We all teamed up into one and then moved outside the premises to ‘say cheese’. Couple of clicks and a curve of smile on every face – this was how it concluded.  “It could not have been better. The cake, the little sweet moments of fun and laughter was awesome!” opined Menka Singh from ASP.NET department. Jagannath Sengupta, the Content writer, was enthralled with the jubilance of the event. “It’s medley of professionalism and fun. It was a nice experience, really!” he said.

Amit Sir’s birthday and the way we all celebrated it,  was a moment that would remain etched in our memories for a long time. It was one Reliable family celebrating it – one big happy family!

Picnic 2010

Sunday, February 28th, 2010


Picnic 2010January 22nd is a day which will be engraved in the minds of all associated with Reliable Group. This was the day when everyone had a gala time in the annual picnic of our company. The day started with everyone assembling near the LalBazar head office. The first one to show up was our very own, Mahua di. She was all excited about the picnic and accompanying her was Ravi. One-by-one, employees from both the Branches, Lal-Bazar and Park Street, trickled down and everyone hopped in the bus. Some brought cricket bats and some showed up with Balls. All of us turned up in the pre-decided dress colours- Blue, Green and Black. Raju Bhai, The Solution Man, almost forgot to draft the final list and so he and Sumit Sir had to open office before the picnic to take the print-outs. Everything happens in the last minute !

Picnic 2010It was a great time during the ride with the employees from both the branch offices mingling with great fun. Soon, the bus ride took the better of us and we broke into jigs right in the back of the bus! Everyone laughed, sang and jived to the songs. Bappa, Sujit, Kunal, Aurindam, Avishek, Soumen and many many other people danced to the beats. Avishek and Kunal blew whistles, enough to make the girls shut their ears. Our bus stopped en-route for picking up some of our colleagues and soon they found out a new definition of fun. Srirupa joined near Rubi hospital. The bus almost missed picking up Ashok en-route. A nice little jog is always good for health, Ashok couldn’t agree more. The bus was jam-packed with many clicking pictures and cracking jokes. After all, it was the time to have some pure unadulterated fun !

Picnic 2010We soon reached our destination- A farm house in Baruipur. The entire contingent followed Raju Bhai to reach the destination. We reached the place in minutes and soon found ourselves in the breakfast zone. Gujarati Delicacies awaited us and boy! we were hungry! We had a sumptuous breakfast and soon boys found their way to Cricket and girls caught up with the much needed chatter.

The CEOs of our company, Mr. Amit Desai and Mr. Sumit Desai along with their families arrived at the venue shortly post breakfast. Sumit Sir took over the programme and soon he called up everyone to assemble. Since it was long time after which both the branches got together, he wanted everyone to introduce themselves to the company. The introduction session soon began.


Picnic 2010He called up Srirupa as she is one who knows all the employees personally. Slowly and steadily, she and Sumit Sir ushered in each employee, from new ones to the experienced ones. Sumit Sir wanted to hear the reasons from all those employees who skipped the previous picnic. Niladri was up next to be called up on the stage. Sumit Sir, after hearing his explanation as to why Niladri was not present last year wanted Niladri to show his biceps. And when Niladri obliged, the whole place erupted with applause!

Picnic 2010Bappa Ghosh, who led from the front in dancing to the beats in the bus, was up next in the line of introducing himself. 7 months, 14 days and 3 hours to be precise was the time he was associated with our company and that was the reason enough for even Sumit Sir to acknowledge as being the distinctive feature of Bappa. After Bappa, who was an MBA gold medalist, came Maitraya, another MBA gold medalist. Soon after Maitraya, Suvrojyoti came up and soon told everyone as to why he fell from the stairs. Sumit Sir and everyone had a loud laugh after knowing the story and the reason behind him falling down. Next up were Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv Shaw. Soon, it was the turn of Abhiskek Bose to come up on stage and explain as to why he named Raju Bhai as the Joker of our company. Mimicking Raju Bhai, he explained in his own unique ways as to how Raju Bhai was The Solution Man anyone could rely on.

Raju Bhai was up next and soon after a brief introduction from Sumit Sir, he ushered in his wife Mrs. Megha Kamdar. Then, Sumit Sir wanted to hear the story behind their marriage as they both used to work in the company together at some point of time. Sumit Sir was more than happy in sharing an emotional moment with us when he pointed to the fact that Raju Bhai had typed his Marriage Affidavit.

Priyanka, our customer support executive was up next and in her unique style, she introduced herself. Monodeep Mukherjee was up next and he explained as to why did he come alone despite promising to bring his special someone. Sumit Sir even suggested Monodeep to ask for his help whenever he wanted to marry or for that matter, elop with his love! Mrs.Tina Desai joined Sumit sir in pointing out to Monodeep that he can always count on them to be an extended family. That kind of statements always win hearts.

Soumen Ghosh came up next and he talked in length about his job profile so much so that he had to be stopped by Sumit Sir! Amit Sir enquired about his smoking habits which Soumen said he was on the verge of giving up. The beautiful afternoon sun kept on showering its beautiful rays and the introduction session carried on. Then, a relatively new-comer, Ipsita from the submitting department was called on stage. Bidhan from the Vendor Management, Tanima with her eye-catching hat, rechristened “Hunter-wali” came up on stage and introduced themselves. Kamalika, with her charismatic personality introduced herself after them and talked about her job profile in her heavily accented hindi.

The audience changed places to avoid the sun and soon, Sumit Sir ushered in the Oldest and the most treasured employees of the reliable group, Reliable Printers. Tapan da took over the stage and gave a glimpse into the history that made Reliable Group what it is today. Tapan da, in a beautiful style, acquainted us to the very interesting history of the Reliable printers and Reliable Group at large. From how a small company which manufactured Greeting Cards, diaries had transformed itself into a diversified group now catering to the gifting sector.

Chintan, our customer support executive from Park street branch office came up on the stage with his friend Rahul and talked about his experiences in the workplace. Manas promised to come to every picnic henceforth, Ashok also told about his experiences in our office. Sumit Sir complimented Ashok for his dedication that he has put in his work. Ashok also expressed his gratitude over the fact that Sumit Sir had helped him in his times of need and he will forever remain grateful to this kind act.

Soon, others came up on the stage and shared their experiences and it was so heart warming to see everyone jelling so well in the picnic.


Sumit Sir led everyone to the game he called “Blindfold”. As the name suggests, the game needs players to be blindfolded and requires other team-members to guide their blindfolded team mate to trees marked with numbers. There were four teams and in the end there were no winners as the players flouted the norms. Prithwish’s way of achieving the targets was especially hilarious. He was the first one to go among the four players. As he was directed by his team members he grabbed each and every thing that came along his way. Soumen literally pushed him to the right trees and handed him the numbered sheet. Everyone, regardless of the team they were in prompted leaving Poor Prithwish in a mess. In the end, Sumit Sir cancelled the game and declared the result as void. Some of the boys were playing cricket when the blind-fold game was on.


Picnic 2010Sumit Sir called up everyone to assemble near the lunch area but first, it was again fun-time. Sir called up Aurindam, Avishek, Srirupa to perform in front of the audience. First up was Aurindam. He started the performance with K.K’s “Tu aashiqui hai”, then he moved on to “Chalte-Chalte” by Kishore Kumar and then ended his performance with Euphoria’s “Dhoom Pichak Dhoom.” There was a feel-good atmosphere after his performance. Avishek took fun to an all together next level with his mimicry of Raju Bhai, Sumit Sir and Amit Sir and other people like Ravi and but of course, Bappa. Raju Bhai, Sumit Sir and Amit Sir along with every one present in the ground broke into loud cheers and laughter. Even Amit sir, who was only smiling since morning, couldn’t help laughing out loud ! Srirupa was up next and she sang a beautiful Rabindra Sangeet, “Shohena Jatona” which was lapped up by the Audience with both arms. Avishek and Srirupa sang a duet, “Dil hai k manta nahi” their favourite ’90′s track. Sumit Sir was more than elated to have this bunch of talented employees and he even hinted that he may have an orchestra next year.


Lunch deserves a special mention. It was very delicious and healthy. Special Gujarati delicacies greeted us and boy! we were hungry! The queue was innovative with people wearing Green dresses were given first preference followed by people wearing Blue and then finally with black. Starting with Broccoli soup with bread bun & Nutralite Rajbhog followed by Chinese Bhel and then Matar Kachori, Paneer Mattar, Corn Capsicum. We had more beautiful dishes such as Dry chana Puri/Chapati, Marble Paratha, Plain Rice Yellow Daal Fry, Red and Green Chutney and Green Salad to top it off.


Post lunch many people made most of their time talking to each other and then Sumit Sir announced the game “Housie”. A total of three rounds were played and they all were played with equal excitement by all the people present there, regardless of their age. Sumit sir hosted the three rounds and Amit sir joined the games. But luck kissed some other people and they emerged victorious! Good luck! After Housie, many other games were played with both boys and girls taking part. Then games ended with lucky draw. Susmita Sengupta won the bumper prize- TOSHIBA’s DVD player. Lucky Girl!

Tea and pakoras greeted us as the evening snacks and soon it was prize-distribution time.
Aurindam, Avishek and Srirupa were given gifts for their performances along with winners of the games held throughout the day.


Night soon dawned and so it was the time to leave. Our ride made its way to the lal bazar office and people soon left with nothing else than sweet memories and a prayer that today comes again next year and we all stay like this -One BIG Happy Family.

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Rajiv's Reception Party

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Rajiv’s Reception Party- Where we let loose ourselves!

Mr. & Mrs. Rajiv ShawMonday, 14th of December will be a special day for both Rajiv Shaw and The Reliable Group. Rajiv hosted a reception party upon being married to his beautiful bride, Saloni. Most of us showed up at the event and the entire day was riddled with excitement and eagerness with which everyone looked forward to the event. Most of us came in formals but everyone changed right here and we all met up at the station. The entire Reliable Group showed up at “Topoban” bang on time and were greeted by the Man-of-the-Moment, Mr. Rajiv Shaw.

The boys in the group quickly found their way to the delicacies lined up as the “starters”. As the DJ belted out sizzling track-after-tracks, the action and the excitement all pumped up and soon we all found ourselves right in the middle of the party. It was a pretty sight when Amit sir flanked by Rajiv Kamdar, our Raju Bhai, made their grand entry into the reception. And before we knew it, Sir was surrounded by everyone of our group. Amit Sir, visibly relieved with the small break from his busy schedule decided to lead from the front. He cracked jokes, interacted with each and everyone known to him.

Everyone went trigger-happy with their cameras and why not?! It was only after a long time when the entire group had a social gathering. With everyone happy and excited with the reception, coupled with popular remixes by DJ and awesome performance by the dance-troupe, we soon found members of our group dancing, and here too Amit Sir led from the front and he jived with many boys. Girls sure didn’t stood a chance tonight!

In this regards Avishek commented, ” We had a blast tonight ! The food was awesome, the masti was awesome and the reception was, but ofcourse, AWESOME!!” . Soon, everyone assembled near the dining area. The mouth-watering Biriyani and other items were lapped up with both hands, literally. But time sure flies by when you are having fun and soon everyone had to leave for the night. The day soon ended with smiles and one wish on every lips -May god bless this couple and they live happily ever after.

Reliable Group wishes Mr. and Mrs. Rajiv Shaw a happy wedded life ahead.