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Party ends with a Rocking Evening

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

As soon as the award ceremony ended, the whole crowd rushed towards the DJ party. Everyone was dressed in their best. The eye-catching lights, rocking music and appropriate ambiance were add ons to the pleasant weather of the evening. At the beginning of the party, everyone was enjoying the uplifting music and soon all stepped into the dance floor. To liven up the party, Avinash had organized one of the finest local DJ which made the party mind-blowing! DJ played today’s fantastic top hits that made the party more thrilling. Everyone, including Amit sir, Tina bhabi, Sumit sir and Neha bhabi was screaming out of joy and started matching their steps to the rocking music.

The most modern digital and wireless sound system and lighting effects were used in the party and good care was taken in the song selection to make the party a blasting hit. The fast moving and energized music of the party reminds us of any renowned discos. Soon after the DJ party got over, we moved to the ac hall to have our dinner.

Reliable Group Picnic – 2012 – A Gala Event

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Reliable Group organized a grand Get Together on 18th March 2012. It was a great day when every employee of our offices joined together to make it a memorable event. Everybody from Lal Bazaar, Bowbazar and J L Nehru Road offices assembled on the terrace of the Kailash Building (The venue for the picnic). Though the whole event was planned within a very short time, it turned out to be a big hit!

Shaant Premier League

The event began at 9.30 am with the Shaant Premier League Cricket matches. There were 6 teams with different color jerseys.

Soumen's Studs

Tuhin Tigers

Avi's Aces

Avi's Aces

Maitraya's Maestros

Maitraya's Maestros

Score Keepers for the MatchesOur dear Amit sir was umpiring  the match with lots of enthusiasm and fun. Without any practice, our superbly-charged buddies have showed the best of their cricket.

Tuhin's Tigers Vs. Soumen's StudsThe first match took place between Soumen’s Studs vs Tuhin’s Tigers and Tigers’ won.

After the first match, the viewers  as well as other players moved on to have their delicious breakfast. Breakfast was served on a big ac community hall. The yummy food included Poha, Idly with chutney & sambar, jalabi, veg sandwich along with tea/coffee were enjoyed by all.

Once again we are back to the match. The second match was won by Avi’s Aces. The players were more into quarrel regarding runs and out than into the game. Even the viewers and the opposite team members were very excited to express their opinion before the umpire gives his decision.  Amongst all, Dipankar was very excited to call ‘out’ for others. Susmita di was bit confused while jotting down the points and was giving threat to Dipankar for deducting some of his team’s point. This is what Susmita di always does :(

Amit sir with his usual smile and patience handled this tough situation. The third match went on between Tuhin’s Tigers vs Rajiv’s Royals. Bappa’s quarrelsome attitude in this match surely takes us back to our school days. After lots of fuss and merriment Tuhin’s Tigers were declared as the winning team. Entry of Avinash into the scene made it more playful. At some point of time Amit sir was becoming bit tensed and confused whether to give out or not to the batsman. Being exhausted due to the scorching heat of the sun, some were heading towards the ac room for some relaxation.

Sanjib's Maniacs OpenersThat's OutGame in ActionMaestros in Action

The fourth match played between Maitraya’s Maestros vs Sanjib’s Maniacs, where Maestros were the winner. Amit sir, being the umpire  was handling the teams as well as providing hospitality to the other guests.

Besides us, Krish (Amit sir’s son) and Ashna (Sumit Sir’s daughter) were also very excited to take part into the game. Once again we viewed another entertaining match between Soumen’s Studs vs Rajiv’s Royals and the Royals were the winner. Though the weather was too hot, the cool breeze made the atmosphere bit comfortable. The last match took place between  Avi’s Aces vs Sanjib’s Maniacs and the winning team was Sanjib’s Maniacs. Since the game was ended, everybody moved towards the community hall to have their lunch.

LunchEnjoying the delicious foodLunch in progress

Once again, in the evening, the final match was organized between Tuhin’s Tigers and Sanjib Maniacs. Since it was the final match, everyone gathered on the terrace to cheer up the players. Sumit sir was the commentator of the final match. Tuhin’s warriors bated first and scored 51 runs. Sanjib Maniacs’ chased the run and won by 1 wicket. A Great Win!!

Introductions & Indoor Games

At 2 pm every one assembled in the ac community hall to have the sumptuous lunch.  The delicious hot lunch was relished by all. Few indoor games and  introductions were followed after the lunch. Dimple di and Vincent were the host of this event.

Introductions and Indoor GamesAvinash Nath introducing himselfMudassar giving his introductionPost Lunch sessionThe Dependable Dot Net Team

Shadman Ali, Dibakar, Suman Singh, Kaushik Chaterjee, Mudassar and Avinash Nath were called to give a short introduction about themselves. This was less introduction part but more an interactive event.

Shadman at his Comic BestAvinash impersonating Sujit

However, amongst all we enjoyed Shadman’s mimicry and Avinash’s leg-pulling of others. Next the turn came for a fun game named as Swing Bat.

The male participants were tied a sock with a ball on their back and had to hit a bottle filled with water. We hope this game  was perfect to make the participants’ back more flexible.

Musical Chairs

Musical chair was specially organized for the ladies. There were total 12 participants – Manisha, Sucharita, Mahua di, Sumana, Meenka, Tina bhabi, Puja, Payel, Papiya (Rahul’s wife), Suman  and others.
Musical ChairsMusical Chairs in ActionGetting ready for action
The game became more exciting when the number of chairs started lessening gradually.  Everyone was enjoyed the game at fullest spirit. The last six participants of this fun game were awarded with cuddly soft toys by Sumit sir.

Housie & Awards Ceremony

Soon after the musical chair got over, another exciting game, Housie hosted by Sumit Sir began.
The flavor of this game was enhanced by the mind-blowing gifts. Everybody were charged with evening tea/coffee and snacks. However the game belonged to the person with the best luck,

Noor Making a point - Winning the prize for JunoNoor walked away with the prize for ‘Juno’ which was awarded to the unluckiest person of the game. The evening became more pleasant with cool breeze.

Except few beauties and handsome, all were eagerly waiting for the award ceremony to start off. Within that time span to break the boredom,

Shubhankar sharing a moral story by Ramkrishna ParamhansSumit Sir asked Subhankar to tell a moral story.

Om & JhumaSir even gave a chance to Om (Jhuma di’s son) to say something to all. He (Om) utilized the opportunity and made few funny sounds to make the mood of the event more entertaining.

Vincent Dessa presented a unique Powerpoint Presentation for the nominations which were elected by all the employees and judged by both the CEOs (Amit Sir and Sumit Sir). Sumit Sir added unique punch lines for all the nominees. Finally after a long wait the winners were declared.

Winners of Shaant Premier League - 1Trophy for WinnersJo Jeeta Wahi SikanderSanjib’s Maniacs was awarded the trophy of Shaant Premier League.

Tuhinda - Player of the Tournament

Player of the Tournament - Shaant Premier League

Most Likeable Person's Award to Susmita DiSusmita was given the award for most likable person.

Most Lively Person's Award goes to AvinashNo other than Avinash won the award of Most ‘Lively Person’.

Jodi of the Year Award - Bappa & MaitrayaFurthermore, the most renowned pair Bappa & Maitraya won the accolade of ‘Best Jodi’.

Most Stylist Dude - Vincent DessaMost Stylist Dude - Vincent Dessa

Vincent proved himself to be the most ‘Stylish Person’ of the office.  Moreover the winners of the Housie were also awarded.