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Birthday Celebrations!!!

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Rajiv Kamdar!

Birthday celebrations of its members in Reliable Group calls for eminent fun and feasting. It was 15th of June and this time it was of Raju Bhai’s. Oh boy! A day of much hubbub and jamboree. Taking a break from the scheduled chores from our work stations, we all gathered at the packing room just after the lunch time. 3 cakes of different flavors like that of Black Forest and Chocolate, were waiting for the charming birthday boy. As he sliced through the cakes everyone, including Amit Sir hummed “Happy birthday to you Raju Bhai”. Just after he sliced a piece of cake and distributed it among all of us, Raju Bhai was under an ‘cake-attack’! Whoo-hoo!

Avishek was first to lead in this sweet mischievous act, then followed by others. With Amit Sir egging everyone, Raju Bhai could do just nothing, but follow suit. As he got rid from their clutches, it was a scene to be cherished for! His face was all smeared by creamy layers of chocolate cakes and all of us playing pranks. Many of us did not want this weird scene to fade away and clicked from their cells. The jubilation went up to such a tempo that even Raju Bhai was also seen to strike a pose for the shutterbugs. It was really an amicable atmosphere to experience. Truly said by Aurindam, “It was really a fun time and I really enjoyed the moment to the hilt! Guess if any other organization celebrates its employees’ birthdays as we did. Way to go RG!” And it can be surely concluded that everybody of the Group is eagerly awaiting for the next celebration to come.

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day, Amit Sir!

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Birthday celebrations have always been a fun-filled affair in Reliable Group and when its the birthday of our very own Amit Sir, then, it was ought to be  even more special!  And without a cloud of doubt, it was a fabulous celebration. Everyone of us assembled in the lunch room.  Sumit Sir and Hemendra Sir also joined us there.  All started with delicious treat of Cakes.  No sooner did Sir  blew off the candles, the entire floor applauded and hummed the “Happy Birthday” song, together.   The first slice was  ‘from the birthday boy to his father’.  Amit Sir took the pleasure of treating Hemendra Sir with the first slice of the cake. Then, the next slice was for Sumit Sir. It was a delightful sight, a small moment that upheld some priceless emotions . Such a small yet heartfelt gesture,  personified  the essence of being ‘one happy family’. Happy Birthday

As cakes were distributed, everyone savored its taste. The  delectable taste of the Strawberry Cake was cherished by all. It was the time for Photo session.   Amit Sir and Sumit Sir took the center seat, along with Rajiv Kamdar, our Admin Head. It started with ASP.NET department and everyone filled in the space around the front-men. Next in was PHP.NET, followed by Content team, Web Designing, Graphic Designing team. Back Office, Vendor Management team and Accounts Department shared the space together. It was one great session!

Pondered for an empty space whereby everyone can fit in the camera lens! And no wonder, as always,  Sumit Sir came up with the innovative idea. We all teamed up into one and then moved outside the premises to ‘say cheese’. Couple of clicks and a curve of smile on every face – this was how it concluded.  “It could not have been better. The cake, the little sweet moments of fun and laughter was awesome!” opined Menka Singh from ASP.NET department. Jagannath Sengupta, the Content writer, was enthralled with the jubilance of the event. “It’s medley of professionalism and fun. It was a nice experience, really!” he said.

Amit Sir’s birthday and the way we all celebrated it,  was a moment that would remain etched in our memories for a long time. It was one Reliable family celebrating it – one big happy family!