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Happy Birthday Susmita

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

A Special Day in Reliable

Susmita's BirthdayThe most beautiful day of someone’s life is his or her birthday. And it becomes even more beautiful and special when the whole team of your office colleagues arrange a marvellous birthday party for you. Does it sound like a dream? No dear, wake up, it’s not a dream for us in Reliable Technologies. It was 1st October, Susmita’s birthday and guess what? We decided to throw a surprise birthday party for her in our office premises. Taking a short break from the normal busy schedule we gathered at the lounge after the lunch period. 3 decorated delicious chocolate cakes from Sugar and Spice were on the table waiting for the B-day girl. She was completely overwhelmed to see this whole arrangement and could not hide her emotions.

Birth Celebration

Smeared with cream all over her face Susmita said, “Today i felt that as if I was entering into the paradise not in my office. You all being so nice to me and making this day so special. And oh my God! It was such a wonderful treat! Thank you people, thank you so much!”

Susmita's BirthdayReally it was in true sense an unforgettable day for the whole Reliable Technologies group. Birthdays are one such day here when you feel that each and everyone in office welcomes you with a nice smile and gratitude. You can feel the friendly tone in the air. It was indeed a very special day for Susmita and as well as for us. It seemed like she enjoyed the fabulous day and are eagerly waiting for the next year. So once again many many returns of the day Susmita!