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Sumit Sir's Birthday

Sunday, September 6th, 2009

Happy Birthday Sumit Sir

Sumit Sir BirthdayFifth September is a very special day for Reliable Technologies. No prize for guessing that it is celebrated as teacher’s day, everywhere in India, but we at Reliable group celebrate this day with great pomp, as it is our very dear Sumit Sir’s birthday. This year, there were some special arrangements made and everyone celebrated the birthday party with all zest and show. Arrangements were too good to describe in words, as all our office folks went in a mood of immense glee and jubilance. Forgetting our daily chores, we all got together to clebrate our Boss’s Birthday

Birth Celebration

Everyone took an hour break from their busy schedule and gathered upstairs for the celebration. There was lunch arrangement for all the members of the office. Three delicious sugar and spice cakes covered the table and were adorned with birthday candles. The celebration started as Sumit Sir sliced the cakes and every body put their hands together, humming the tune “Happy Birthday to you “. Then the lunch packets were distributed amongst all. The lunch was indeed a delicious treat for all!

Sumit Sir BirthdayThe essence of the whole celebration was just like a family get together, where everyone enjoyed, sat and ate together, with all smiles on the faces. The celebration was so very special for me that it would remain etched in my memory in many a days to come. The whole office environment was very enjoyable and I was totally overwhelmed with the spirit of oneness. On context of such a merry occasion, Ashok Roy, one of our colleague said, “It is a wonderful feeling to be a part of such a nice celebration.” 5th of September is a special day for Mr. Sumit Desai of course and so is for the whole Reliable Technology family.