Subhro's Birthday

Happy Birthday Subhro

Subhro Birthday20th of April is a special day for Subhro. It is his birthday. This year, we at Reliable Group, decided to celebrate his birthday in the office premises. Accordingly we have ordered a really delicious cake and beautiful candles. It was around 5pm when all of us get together and after a while, the birthday-boy came down. He was also very excited about the whole episode. Our excitement was for some different reason. We all were waiting to see Subhro’s face smeared in the dark chocolate cream. Our wishes were fulfilled just after Subhro (Gublu) cut the first piece. Subhro has an extremely fair complextion and he was looking very handsome with all those chocolate cream on his face. Although Subhro tried to escape but there his efforts were in vain. Once he was decked up, we all started to devour the delicious cake as quickly as possible. At the end of the whole episode we all felt that Subhro liked the “chocolate cream pampering” very much and is eagerly waiting for the next occasion and so are we.

Birth Celebration

Soumya Dutta, one of Subhro’s colleagues, commented that “It was a day to remember because our friend Suvrojyoti was looking special with cream all over his face.” According to Srirupa Kanungo, “It was a small enjoyment for all of us.” Subhrojyoti himself commented that he was overwhelmed by the arrangements and the response from his colleagues.

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