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Subhro's Birthday

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Happy Birthday Subhro

Subhro Birthday20th of April is a special day for Subhro. It is his birthday. This year, we at Reliable Group, decided to celebrate his birthday in the office premises. Accordingly we have ordered a really delicious cake and beautiful candles. It was around 5pm when all of us get together and after a while, the birthday-boy came down. He was also very excited about the whole episode. Our excitement was for some different reason. We all were waiting to see Subhro’s face smeared in the dark chocolate cream. Our wishes were fulfilled just after Subhro (Gublu) cut the first piece. Subhro has an extremely fair complextion and he was looking very handsome with all those chocolate cream on his face. Although Subhro tried to escape but there his efforts were in vain. Once he was decked up, we all started to devour the delicious cake as quickly as possible. At the end of the whole episode we all felt that Subhro liked the “chocolate cream pampering” very much and is eagerly waiting for the next occasion and so are we.

Birth Celebration

Soumya Dutta, one of Subhro’s colleagues, commented that “It was a day to remember because our friend Suvrojyoti was looking special with cream all over his face.” According to Srirupa Kanungo, “It was a small enjoyment for all of us.” Subhrojyoti himself commented that he was overwhelmed by the arrangements and the response from his colleagues.

Mahua's Birthday

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Birthday Celebration at Office

Mahua BirthdayBirthday celebrations are always associated with a lot of fun fare and merrymaking. The team at Reliable Technologies recently celebrated a small birthday party. It was the birthday of one of our colleagues Mahua Roy.Our office folks celebrated her Birthday in a very enthusiastic manner. Taking an hour break from the busy schedules and work in the office all the members gathered together at one place in the evening. The Birthday girl was presented with 3 beautiful chocolate cake from Sugar and Spice. The cake was decorated with candles. We all rejoiced and sang while Mahua cut her cakes. The candles were blown and we all sang the special birthday song for her. There was joy and a spirit of oneness in the air as we smeared creams and icing all over her face. This was the traditional way of celebrating a colleagues birthday at our office. Then came the time for some refreshment and delights and all of us took active part in it.

Birth CelebrationI look forward to such happy moments that come along amidst the busy work and responsibilities at office. There are certain special moments when you get to mingle freely with all in the office and Birthdays are those days. The boss and employees all become one in the spirit of joy. There is smile and happiness on every body’s face. Birthdays celebration make us feel that we work in the office as one big family, the Reliable Group.

In Mahua Di’s words “ I enjoyed my Birthday celebration with a lot of enthusiasm at office. Thanks everyone for such a wonderful treat. I am glad to be a part of this team.”

The complete premises was sounding great and I am sure the Birthday girl enjoyed this special way of wishing.

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Saturday, April 4th, 2009